Bendini glass Paperweights offer visual effects and stunning optical windows. It is the art of glassblowing with the techniques of cold-working that make the art shine. Cutting, grinding, and polishing each angle until they shimmer with new reflections, color and brilliance.


Amazing color and transparency combined with beautiful optics that were hand carved from the blown object. Every angle reveals a new color to admire. The piece is pointed at the top with a rounded body that sits freely on a thick white ring, also cut and polished glass. The piece can be pitched at multiple angles on the ring. 5'x5'

The "Pointing to Venus" collection

A systematic approach to blowing, cutting, grinding, and polishing glass to a clean finish. Modern Contemporary Paperweights. 

Blue Ice, Atlantic white, Emerald green, pyramid gold, ruby, and spectrum. 5x5


Cut ground and polished. from sphere to cube. This brilliant and reflective transformation shows the uniqueness of glass at its best. 

Cranberry, green, amber, violet, orange, blue

Clear with Bubbles

Simple, elegant, and beautiful. This large size paperweight has been  carved with over a dozen faceted windows, some large and some small. These windows give the viewer some dynamic visual effects, revealing more than whats truly there.


Solid glass sculpture. Beautiful and brilliant color tones radiate from within the optics of the solid glass and soft rounded edges, creating an ethereal dance of light within the humanistic characterization, engulfing the embodiment of mans full potential. 11x7x7

oceans orb

Beautiful tones of ocean blue and dazzling sparkles. 3x3


Tasteful strokes of transparent colors accentuated by meticulous hand grinding and polishing. Steel base, texture, optics, and light. 9x6

Color mash

Rich opaque colored glass, pushed and squeezed together, encased in clear, then cut, ground and polished for optimum clarity and fantastic optics. Definitely a unique paperweight constructed by artist Ben Silver.  3.5'x2'x2


Solid clear dome with half its body carved through a meticulous process, creating amazing optics, texture, and beauty. The contrast on each side, smooth vs texture, micro vs macro optics, and the feeling of witnessing change in the making , makes one wonder if it's in the process of uncovering or recovering to its final form. 6x6

The "Electric bloom" series

An Explosion of dichroic glass. Brilliant colors with optic windows creating a myriad of visual effects. A new take on a classic approach.

Fractured, 3"x3"x3"

Eternal Flame

An eternal flame of color swirls and optical effects captured in a beautiful sculpture of hand blown glass.

eternalFlame 3'x4'x11'

Cremation paperweights

Cremation art is one way you can keep the memory of loved ones around. A reminder of their brilliance, and their lasting impression on the world. Bendini Glass incorporates cremation ashes with brilliant sculptural paperweights. Please contact directly for custom orders. 

Canyon Ball