Bendini Glass sculptures are representative and abstract forms of art. Uniquely created within the endless boundaries of blown glass. 

Aqua Twist

A fantastic display of blown glass, sculpted hot. Movement frozen in time. Clean, and crisp details of color and lines. 


Solid glass sculpture. Beautiful and brilliant color tones radiate from within the optics of the solid glass and soft rounded edges, creating an ethereal dance of light within the humanistic characterization, engulfing the embodiment of mans full potential.

HIgh Desert Runner


Fatal Attraction

Dancer I

Dancer II

Flat Panels

"Frontier". Steel mount. 29"x14"x6"

Body Language 32"x6"x6"

The Vibe

An eclectic array of solid, bending, bright, and charismatic glass sculptures. Soft curves mixed with crisp polished lines.  17x28x5

Horse In Pasture

Play Date


Blue tie, 24"x14"x7"

Lavender twist

Red Twist 18"x6"x8"

Contemplative, 33"x8"x8"